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oakleigh south

Contemporary and 

alluring architecture


Morea Architects took the brief from the client to its apex whilst reaching for the stars with its sweeping roof lines and eloquent stainless steel unique forms.  The gently curved and protruding brickwork shows alluring character prevalent to this neo-brutalistic form of architecture.

To the stunning external window forms and unique and iconic stainless steel eternal fence, one would think the choice of materials would be unique and everlasting.  


The internal coffered ceilings show class in colour, lined with gold, silver and bronze.  One would suggest the true spirit of the Olympics as the corridor lighting features mimic the eternal olympic torch and flame.

Project 01.06 included the below services from Morea Architects

MA Glass Prism - Exploded1.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded2.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded3.png

town planning

Regulatory Approvals


Exterior & Interior Design


Architectural Services during Construction

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