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the north house

On top of the hill

south facade.jpg

A current interpretation of the Modern movement lead by Le-Corbusier depicted in one much loved home. 

The brief was simple, love and beauty to encapsulate the whole home.


Morea Architects created the minimal, clean and modern lines to depict the European Villa style living.  The leading edge lighting design embraces the space with warmth and love and the cool and ethereal sun kissed windows allow the outside to arrive effortlessly and unannounced into the encompassed spaces.


The drapery creates an aura of drama, space and height with twinkling ceiling lights that reach for the stars.  The sheer and flowing curtains create a sensory mood and feel good sensation throughout.

The mix of black and white Grecian marble floor tiles throughout, sets the tone for villa feels and villa living.

A truly beautiful home with every design detail meticulously collaborated with the owners to produce a masterpiece.

Project 01.07 included the below services from Morea Architects

MA Glass Prism - Exploded1.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded2.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded3.png

town planning

Regulatory Approvals


Exterior & Interior Design


Architectural Services during Construction

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