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bunurong memorial pARK

Byzantine style chapel


The Resurrection of Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church

"Built within the grounds of Bunurong Memorial Park by the Greek Archdiocese of Australia, the Resurrection of Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church provides a dedicated point of reflection for the Greek community." 

- Southern Metropolitan Cemetaries Trust

Created in the style of Byzantine architecture dating back to 500AD, this chapel was the culmination of volunteers and philhellenes. 

Funded entirely through donations, Morea Architects looks forward to seeing the completion of the stone cladding over the brickwork and the ongoing use and comfort of the bereaved. 

Project 06.02 included the below services from Morea Architects

MA Glass Prism - Exploded1.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded2.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded3.png

town planning

Planning Permit


Exterior & Interior Design


Administation of Building Contract

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