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A European Villa in the heart of Brighton


Inspired by the villas on Lake Como, this classic residence a few doors down from the beach, was presented to the client with a series of extraordinary hand sketches.

Encompassing a grass tennis court and an outdoor pool pavilion with arched terraces,  you would be excused if you suggested that you had just landed in a villa in Italy.

The most outstanding feature of this villa, is the 30 metre north facing balcony overlooking the landscaped tennis court and pool area and the local park/reserve in the distance. 

Project 01.04 included the below services from Morea Architects

MA Glass Prism - Exploded1.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded2.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded3.png

town planning

Regulatory Approvals


Exterior & Interior Design


Architectural Services during Construction

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