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A lifestyle family home

Inspired by the undulating leafy hills of Balywn and influenced by the art-deco design movement, this home is the embodiment of the enduring quality of full architectural design and contract administration services.

From a single sketch, the inception of this project was bought about with everlasting elegance in mind. From the fluted parapet entrance that seemingly disappears into the sky, to the curved glass feature windows, finishing with the grand entrance which encourages a sense of awe.

An entry lobby with a 2-storey void ceiling with the most stunning custom designed cornice details supported by marble columns, sets the tone.

A carefully curated full architectural home with no detail left to chance.

Project 01.01 included the below services from Morea Architects

MA Glass Prism - Exploded1.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded2.png
MA Glass Prism - Exploded3.png

town planning

Regulatory Approvals


Exterior & Interior Design


Administration of

Building Contract

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